What's New

What's New
CFA/GP Karmacoons Silver Charm
Tyler is our first Grand Champion in the Premier
Class.  He earned his title on April 24, 2010 at the
Deland, Fl show just two days before his first
birthday!  Tyler is proudly owned and shown by his
loving owner Chris Miller.

Thank you Chris and Tyler for representing
Karmacoons and we are very proud of both of them
for their accomplishments
Announcing our new CFA Grand Champion
Karmacoons Armani - Show date 7-10-11
We are very happy and proud of Armani for his
excellent show results.
CFA/GP Karmacoons Silver Charm
Announcing our new CFA Grand Champion
Karmacoons Armani - Show date 7-10-11
We are very happy and proud of Armani for his
excellent show results.
Announcing our New CFA One Show GC
Karmacoons Chocolate Mousse
We are very proud of Mousse for his accomplishment
and in four rings he became our first one show Grand
Champion at the Vero Beach, FL show Dec 3, 2011.  I
want to give special thanks to my dear friends Grace
Reger of Regalcoons and Maryrose Sanchez of Codycats
for the parents to Mousse.  We want to also give our
special thanks to the following judges: Don Williams,
Tracy Petty, Barbara Sumner, Vicki Abelson, Carol
Fogarty and Norm Auspitz.
Karmacoons wishes to all family and friends a
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!  
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all our family and
friends from Karmacoons Isis
Happy Easter/Happy Spring Karmacoons Isis @
11 wks
Happy Memorial Day!
Karmacoon Milan @ 4 months
Happy Halloween from Karmacoons Harman/Wolfy
Thank you Jean for these wonderful photos.
Karmacoons Moriah @ 6 months
Karmacoons Milan @ 6 months
CFA GC Karmacoons Milan @ 10 months of age
and weighs over 19 pounds, our extra large boy!
Pillowtalk's Panama of Karmacoons
PLEASE NOTE - We do not ship our kittens.  They must be
picked up in person.  If you cannot drive or fly to us
arrangements can be made for us to fly the kitten to you for
approval before purchasing.  Under no circumstances will any
animal be shipped sight unseen.  (updated 10-14-13)
Karmacoons Kitten Photos
Cyrus @ 5 months
Yankee @ 1 year
Pillowtalk's Phantasie
@ 6 months
Gaia @ 5.5 months
Gattacamoons Kittens @ 4.5 months
Ikona Bella
Ivory Ella
Pillowtalks Emotion
@ 8 months
Pillowtalks Florida
@ 8 months
Welcoming our Incredible kittens from Gattacamoon
cattery in Slovakia...Many Thanks Dear Andrea
Sekanekova, we Love so much our precious babies...
Many thanks for our Super girls from our dear
friend Bettina Broselge from Pillowtalk cattery in
Germany.  We Love and Adore them...
Welcoming our incredible dream kittens from our
dear friend Bettina Broselge of Pillowtalk Cattery
in Germany....Love them!

7 months
Many thanks dear Maria Tomon’ of Ashabelle
cattery in Poland….Love our blue dream girl.

5 months
Introducing Family Stars Prima @ 4.5 mo's.  Love this
Incredible girl.
 Many Thanks Dear Оксана
Абдулхакова for this wonderful dream girl...
Pillowtalks Seymour @ 7 mo's
Karmacoons Xia @ 7 mo's.
Karmacoons Xara @7 mo's